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European biocide regulation a threat to health

23.02.2010, PAN Germany, PAN Europe

Download of the Press Release dated February 23rd, 2010

EU attempts to fast-track marketing of harmful biocides

Brussels/Hamburg: PAN Germany and PAN Europe are concerned about recent legal initiatives surrounding authorisation of biocidal products in Europe. If proposals by conservative Members of the European Parliament receive major support in the European Parliament, a large number of highly hazardous insecticides can easily enter the European market.

The sale of insect repellent sprays, household disinfectants and other, generally unnecessary products is steadily rising in Europe, despite the fact that such products pose severe risks to consumers and the environment. Carina Weber, Director of PAN Germany says: "Some 15,000 poisonings and other incidents related to biocides have already been recorded in Europe. As relevant statistics are incomplete we're assuming that the true frequency of problems with these products is significantly higher. Unfortunately, the politicians whose responsibility it is have yet to tackle these challenges." PAN Germany refers to cases of illegal marketing of biocides in Germany and Europe. The MEP Christa Klaß, who is the rapporteur for the draft biocide regulation, and many of her colleagues, are helping to aggravate the situation by submitting critical legal suggestions on the approval of biocidal products. The result will be that harmful insecticides will obtain easier and faster access to the entire European market. Highly hazardous products which contain carcinogenic and endocrine-disrupting substances will be sold even more widely.

Gergely Simon, Board Member of PAN Europe says: "In many member states highly hazardous biocidal products are freely available in supermarkets and Do-It-Yourself shops. There are no requirements for training and certifying distributors and salesmen. So there is absolutely no control on the home use of these hazardous chemicals."

For further information, please contact:

Christian Schweer (PAN Germany), Tel. +49-40-3991910-27, Christian.Schweer(at)pan-germany.org
Gergely Simon (PAN Europe), Tel. + 36 20 334 4336, gergely(at)pan-europe.info

Background information about negotiations on the EU-biocide regulation can be seen at:

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