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PROCEEDINGS - Workshop ‚Using Crop Diversity to reduce dependency on cotton and combat poverty'

15.12.2008, PAN Germany, Alexandra Perschau

Lesson learning workshops for NGOs, public and private donors and further stakeholders, 24./25. September 2008 in Hamburg

Invitation Flyer 24.09.2008 (pdf-file, 105 kb)

Programme 24.09.2008 (pdf-file, 203 kb)

Invitation Flyer 25.09.2008 (pdf-file, 243 kb)

Programme 25.09.2008 (pdf-file, 202 kb)


Introduction to PAN project 'Fibre, Food and Beauty for Poverty Reduction', Alexandra Perschau, PAN Germany (pdf-file, 951 kb)

  What are farm system crops and why they are needed?, Alexandra Perschau, PAN Germany (pdf-file, 1,7 MB)

  Diversification of income sources - example of the federation Yakaar Niani Wulli in Senegal, Jörg John, Enda Pronat, Senegal
  French Version (pdf-file, 1,6 MB), English Version (pdf-file, 610 kb)

  Farm System Crops - preliminary survey results, Liesl Truscott, Organic Exchange (pdf-file, 150 kb)

  Lessons in marketing organic from Africa - the EPOPA programme, Peter Lustig, Grolink, Sweden (pdf-file, 502 kb)

  Lessons from PAN UK project Food and Fairness: Supply chains for African health and environment, Stephanie Williamson, PAN UK (pdf-file, 612 kb)

  Exports versus local marketing, Marion Buley, freelance consultant, Germany (pdf-file, 24 kb)

Discussion Summary (pdf-file, 583 kb)

Logistics implications of exporting for small businesses in developing countries, Doraliz Aranda, Organic Exchange (pdf-file, 682 kb)

Background documents

  Soil Association Air Freight consultation paper (pdf-file, 111 kb)

  Business plan concept by Marion Buley (pdf-file, 300 kb)

  BioFach 2009 Organic Africa Pavillion (pdf-file, 1,6 MB)

  Historic Futures String as a tool for track and trace (pdf-file, 496 kb)

List of Participants (pdf-file, 171 kb)

Photos 24.09.2008 (pdf-file, 1,7 MB)

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