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Quer Menue

Pesticide Residues in Food – Regulation, Monitoring, Policy

01.06.2006, PAN Germany

Pesticide Action Network Germany (PAN Germany)
in co-operation with
Centre for Sustainable Alternatives (CEPTA), Slovakia

Modra-Harmónia, Slovakia, 23/24 June 2006


Title and Imprint (pdf-file, 87 kb)
Explanatory note (pdf-file, 59 kb)
Programme (pdf-file, 98 kb)
Welcome & Introduction (pdf-file, 147 kb)
Session 1: MRL-Regulation
The new EU-Regulation on Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs) of pesticides in food – An overview (pdf-file, 187 kb)
Susanne Smolka, PAN Germany
Pesticides residues in food: threats and risks – Monitoring experiences from the Czech Republic (pdf-file, 3,8 MB)
Prof. Jana Hajslová, PhD; Institute for Chemical Technology, Prague, Czech Republic
The Myth of Safe Fruit and Vegetables – Pesticide maximum residue levels still put children at risk (pdf-file, 182 kb)
Lars Neumeister, Pesticide Expert/PAN Germany
Session 2: Food-Monitoring
Pesticides in Food, MRL and monitoring system in Slovakia (pdf-file, 204 kb)
Dipl. Ing. Mária Matúcová, State Veterinary and Food Administration, Bratislava, Slovakia
Summary in English (pdf-file, 207 kb)
Pesticides in Food and it´s risk assessment (pdf-file, 331 kb)
Dipl. Ing. D.Salgovicová and Dipl.Ing. D. Pavloviová, Food Research Institute, Slovakia
Summary in English (pdf-file, 117 kb)
Country Reports on pesticide residues in products of plant origin:
Hungary (pdf-file, 132 kb), János Pál, Clean Air Action Group
Slovakia (pdf-file, 149 kb), Jarmila Dur?anská, RNDr., State Veterinary and Food Institute
Summary in English (pdf-file, 95 kb)
Bulgaria (pdf-file, 270 kb), Valentina Lukova, National Movement Friends of the Earth
Slovenia (pdf-file, 339 kb),Mojca Langerholc Zgec, ECHo
Poland(pdf-file, 122 kb), Polish Ecological Club City of Gliwice Chapter
Germany (pdf-file, 65 kb), Lars Neumeister, Pesticide Expert/PAN Germany
Czech Republic(pdf-file,308 kb), Milos Veverka, CEPTA, Slovakia
Summary in English (pdf-file, 167 kb),
Supplementary presentation:
Bees and Pesticides (pdf-file, 3,9 MB),
Dipl.Ing. Róbert Chlebo, PhD., Slovak Agricultural University in Nitra
Summary in English (pdf-file, 100 kb),
Session 3: NGO-Approaches
NGOs involvement is pesticide policy making – Hungary (pdf-file, 230 kb),
Gergely Simon, Clean Air Action Group
Supermarket Pesticide Reduction Initiatives in Austria (pdf-file, 5,9 MB),
Helmut Burtscher, Global 2000
Improvement & co-ordination of monitoring systems – The "IMP" and "PEPOZ" projects in Slovakia (pdf-file, 5,35 MB),
Daniel Levinský, CEPTA
List of Participants (pdf-file, 84 kb),
Photos (pdf-file, 815 kb),

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