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01.12.2003, PAN International

PAN International hat eine Auswahlliste von relevanten Veröffentlichungen über Paraquat zusammengestellt:

  • Dinham, B. (1996): Paraquat., Pesticide News 32 June 1996 (page 20 - 21), Active ingredient fact sheet, PAN UK (download at
  • Dinham, B. (2003): The perils of paraquat. Sales targeted at developing countries., Pesticide News 60 June 2003 (page 4 - 7), Chemical news, PAN UK
    (download at:
  • EvB, BIO SUISSE (2002): Vergiftet. Das Herbizid Paraquat - und Alternativen mit Zukunft., Dokumentation EvB-Magazin III/2002 (this publication in German language can be ordered at EvB http://www.evb.ch by e-mail: info@evb.ch)
  • Gobierno de Chile, Servicio Agricola y Ganadero de Chile, Fernando Peña Royo, Director Nacional (2001): Restringe el uso y manejo de todas las formulaciones de plaguicidas agricolas que contengan paraquat como ingrediente activo., SANTIAGO, 12 Abril 2001, No 909
    (download at http://www.pan-germany.org/download/Resol_Paraquat_909.pdf )
  • Madeley, J. (2002): Paraquat - El controvertido herbicida de Syngenta, Berne Declaration, Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, Pesticide Action Network UK, Pesticide Action Network Asia Pacific, Foro Emaús: (this publication in Spanish llanguage can be ordered at PAN Latin America www.rap-al.org by e-mail rapalpe@terra.com.pe)
  • Madeley, J. (2002): Paraquat - Syngenta's controversial herbicide., Berne Declaration, Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, Pesticide Action Network UK, Pesticide Action Network Asia Pacific, Foro Emaús (download at )
  • Meienberg, F.; EvB (2003): Excel tables and diagrams made out of the Paraquat sales material. These tables give an overview of the amount of Paraquat used on individual crops in different countries. (in case of interest please contact EvB directly via e-mail: info@evb.ch or have a look at their website: http://www.evb.ch)
  • Menet, S. (2002): Paraquat - ein umstrittenes Herbizid. Alternativen der Unkrautkontrolle im Bananen- und Kaffeeanbau., ETH Zürich, Institut für Agrarwissenschaft, Semesterarbeit
    (no online version available)
  • PAN Asia and the Pacific (2003): Paraquat., August 2003
    (download at: http://www.panap.net/docs/monos/paraquatSep03.pdf)
  • PAN Germany (2003): Paraquat and Suicide, Fact Sheet
    (download at http://www.pan-germany.org/download/fact_paraquat2.pdf)
  • PAN Germany (2003): Paraquat Exposure and Parkinson's Disease, Fact Sheet
    (download at http://www.pan-germany.org/download/fact_paraquat.pdf )
  • Tenaganita and PAN Asia and the Pacific (2002): Poisoned and silenced - A study of pesticide poisonings in the plantations., ISBN 983-9381-24-5
    (download at: http://www.panap.net/highlightsA1.cfm?id=16&hiliteid=HILITE04)
  • Wesseling, C.; van Wendel de Joode, B.; Ruepert, C.; Léon, C.; Monge, P.; Hermosilla, H. & Partanen, T. (2001): Paraquat., Central American Institute for Studies on Toxic Substances (IRET), Universidad Nacional, Heredia, Costa Rica
    (download at http://www.pan-germany.org/download/wesseling_et_al.pdf )

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